Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Talking progress, finally

Kenyans go to the next election likely to be choosing between one of two large parties. They would do well to nurture and defend the evolving two-horse race of ODM-K & NARC-K and the continued existence of two strong parties. The evolving parties will be at the heart of an evolving democracy in the country and we will need to make the parties competitive and enhance the ability of each of them to offer divergent opinions on policies that will shape Kenya's economic and social Agenda. In all honesty , the recent introduction of free secondary schooling by the Kibaki regime would not have come by were it not for the ODM-K presidential candidates visions all pointing to this idea. This competition, a jostling for the public heart results in a government that tries to play catch-up with a strong opposition whose policy is driven by a development agenda.

Peter Ndiangui on the current political climate in Kenya, " Clearly a refutation of the old proverb about two elephants fighting. As the NARC-K and ODM-K behemoths jostle for the limelight and public approval, each fully aware that the slightest misstep could be punished by their large and powerful rival, the grass is singing."