Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Bound to the mast

When the Anglo-Leasing scandal broke out, in the din that was raised from out of the bowels of Kenya one thing was conspicuous. The silence from its centre. Similarly, if you were to point out the anti-democratic credentials of the President and his inner circle, or his role in the creation and establishment of the KANU tyranny, the people of Central Kenya would likely rise up in protest. Most people in this part of the country even believe that the misrule of Kenya started in 1978 when Moi became President and not in 1963. Any comment or criticism of the Kibaki or Kenyatta governments, even here on this site is met by sheer hostility from these same quarters. Also, any suggestions of nepotism in public appointments, or of shielding such ‘cousins' from the full effect of the law are met with equal disapproval no matter how factual they may be.

Amir Ibrahim argues against Kenyans electing men who will take advantage of their position by getting their way instead of serving the people.