Monday, May 14, 2007

FIDA II, or: Mheshimiwa, are you beating your wife?

This question has already been asked by FIDA-Uganda; hopefully it will be repeated aloud in Kenya, too. For domestic abuse knows no social limits, and is found with the self-perceived upper strata of society as badly as with jobless casual workers in the slums.

Read as Alexander Eichener on Minister Samuel Moroto accusation of FIDA as a home breaker.

"I know there are certain hon. Members of this House who are members of FIDA. FIDA is breaking peoples' homes. The membership of FIDA is composed of divorcees. In some instances, minor marital cases which can be handled by village elders are rushed to FIDA offices. Such cases are twisted until husbands and wives break up. What impact will FIDA have on the Kenya Anti-Corruption Advisory Board (KACAB)? If we nominate such people, they will do more harm than good."