Tuesday, April 03, 2007

The lion and the fox

Love him or hate him the MP for Lang'ata and ODM-K Presidential Candidate is the man most able to animate Kenyan political society today. He may be in a far-off tour of Minneapolis making pronouncements on the stock exchange, or innocently attending his son's wedding party, contemplating a visit to London, being anointed by a local shaman or simply playing with his new toy; either way Kenya never seems to tire of him.

Vicious, unrelenting, concerted, often manic even; Kenya's media, online and offline have arrogated to themselves the role of deciding for Kenyans not just who to vote for, but also what to think, what to see and worst of all what to feel. When Raila or wider still any ODM-K candidate is the subject of the day's carving the knives seem to come out even sharper, ever readier. Slaves to their masters and their basest instincts, large swathes of the media have sought not to inform Kenyans, but instead to whip their passions into such frenzies as preclude any meaningful analysis of the candidates and party positions in this the run up to the second elections since the ouster of KANU.

Amir Ibrahim challenges the ODM-K leadership to step up and take on the national stage on national issues.