Monday, July 07, 2008

imagine diaries| Monday July 7th 2007

Here's a summary on the weekend and Monday blogs on kenya imagine. Interested in blogging and increasing your readership? Just sign up and type away! Blogs are unedited!
  1. Sembe on Break Ups 2 Makes Up blogs about his relationship that never was, but was? Huh? Yup, read more!
  2. Richard writes a poem giving an Ode to the Charade: Zimbabwe.
  3. Josephine K calls on readers to list Scholarships in the US and Kenya, and anywhere to share with others. Please share!
  4. Richard on the East Africa Federation and Tanzania's seeming reluctance to join the union.
  5. Amir Ibrahim wonders why in sports we support who we support, how do we decide to pick our team or sportsman/woman?
  6. Josephine K discusses the challenges of blogging, of letting your diaries out into in to world.