Wednesday, July 16, 2008

imagine diaries

Here is a brief update on what our bloggers have been upto since my last posting a couple of weeks ago. Enjoy. For a listing of all the latest blogs, click here.
  1. Fear and Blogging-- Sunny overcomes this fear
  2. Truth in Advertising-- Sembe in his satirical post calls on us to believe in advertisers, companies after all spend millions in advertising.
  3. Catching Up-- Johari shares a story about a friend who visits her fiance's home.
  4. Mr. Kibaki-- No amnesty for Kimunya-- a letter from George Nyongesa of Bunge la Wananchi
  5. Retailing in Kenya, Nakumatt reviewed-- Stephen Wanyama begins discussion on the supermarket industry in Kenya. Is Nakumatt good or bad for the economy and mwananchi?
  6. The Cry Fizzles: Ritch's poem on resigning.
  7. A sentimental village dam: Ritch on his visit to Nyahururu last year.
  8. She'll be fine: Sembe on breaking up with his girlfriend, a girl who is really not his girlfriend.
  9. Kisumu's white elephant: Stephen Wanyama on the stealth creation of a public private enterprise in Kisumu. You didn't know about this one? Read on.
  10. just a band: Amina discovers a new Kenyan band. A new sound.
  11. The dangers of being cosmopolitan and eschewing macho campaigning-- Amir Ibrahim on Jesse Jackson's uncolorful comments on Barack Obama.
  12. Police teargas Bunge La Wananchi at Jevanjee Gardens-- George Nyongesa describes how it went down.
  13. Vodafone steals Safcom glory--PNdiangui wonders... .
  14. Insomnia: Sembe discusses his ailment and possible cures.
  15. Life.. is our reality real? or is it all an illusion? Enigmaress on why it is important to be yourself.