Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Strawmen, Liars and Matches

Vitalis Oyudo takes us on a civics lesson questioning Kenyans who will not vote for Raila because of his tribe. In his assessment of ODM-K, Oyudo advises:

Now, there is obviously going to be competition in ODM-K, but this will have to be conducted wisely if the party is to survive in any form at all. The only victory that can come from the current state of affairs will likely leave even the victor badly hurt, much like our one-eyed neighbour above. Negative campaigning of the sort conducted against Kalonzo Musyoka all year does nothing but demean its proponents in the public eye. He certainly does not seem to have done anything to deserve it, and with a negative stereotype already attached to Raila, the keenness of this crusade against Kalonzo will only make the Mwingi MP look more like the under-dog, prevailing against the oppressive forces that far outnumber and outpower him. For many of us, Kalonzo has been turned from an outsider to a heavyweight challenger merely by the fact that Raila and his crowd hate him so much. We are now being forced to ask, to what is it they are so violently opposed?
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