Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Mudavadi Tosha?

Dave Nyambati assesses Musalia Mudavadi's political career. Can he be the next president of Kenya?
A compromise candidate. No one currently in ODM-K fit that tab better than Musalia. Raila and Kalonzo (and others) trust Musalia to hold to whatever pact they concert on after the election more than they trust each other. They would also control the ODM-K base of MPs effectively checking Musalia’s power as the executive. What’s more, Musalia this time round would garner the support of the coveted Luhya community as a legitimate presidential candidate and is a much less polarizing figure to the rest of country than most of the other candidates. ODM-K would be able to hold its coalition, with Kalonzo and Raila appearing to have sacrificed their aspirations for the ‘good’ of the nation. Musalia may have the last laugh after all!
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