Friday, April 27, 2007

Good Apples, Rotten Oranges

One immediate consequence of the victory of the NARC coalition was a somewhat infantile perception, even among Kenya's literati that the electoral victory was a moral one. We were taught that the KANU monster had been slain and that Kenyans had been freed from oppression. Those were heady highly unbwogable times. Only the very bravest masochist would now contemplate Martha Karua doing a jig on a Kisumu stage daring the world to bwogo her. Yes, such things are only possible in the deadly kiangazi of December and the New Year, more severe than ever when the nation is infected with campaign fever. So it was that the pronunciations went forth on the wires, the old man had to be defeated (he was not standing of course, but why bother with details).


Vitalis Oyudo on the, " Infallible DP versus the poor mortals, does ODM-K stand a chance in the propaganda battle?" Read more as Oyudo discusses Kenyans, accountability and public office and the different standards we hold them by.