Friday, April 27, 2007

Good Money After Bad

Ah, a probe. This time one from PriceWaterhouse Coopers, a team of experts on a two-month long mission to find out exactly what happened in the Anglo-Leasing scandal.

The Nation announces the new effort as a contract to enable the Treasury to investigate the principal players either remotely or directly linked to the Anglo-Leasing scandal. The news report also declares that the government intends to decide on the basis of the audit whether or not the 20 or so Anglo-Leasing type contract should be discontinued.

Now for a bit of fun and games,with helicopter and weapons experts! A little drama for the news shows, and a diverting if not riveting issue to direct our attention away from the recent bad press the government has been getting. Doubting-Thomases beware of subliminal messages and pronouncements of a deep seated hatred for corruption, a zero-tolerance, from the Mhe. Alfred Mutua.

Vitalis Oyudo on the Anglo-leasing investigation and Kenya's banana republic.