Thursday, March 22, 2007

Women and Shoes!

I am sure a lot of women can identify with me when I say, 'I own about forty pairs of shoes but only ever wear three of them.'

It is not unusual to see women strut along in very uncomfortable shoes that they can barely stand in. Women have historically worn uncomfortable shoes. For the past two hundred years they have been stuck in heel-cracking,toe-pinching shoes, inflicting agony in the name of aesthetics.

A self-confessed altocalciphile (heel fetishist),I have often wondered what drives me against my better senses to put myself through these lofty motions. At the end of the day all I gain is corns and searing backache, but I can tell you that while am up there I feel like am flying. At least until I hit earth again and then its pain and promises of never buying another pair of ridiculous heels ever again. Still I must confess that I know I cant wait to get my first pair of Manolo Blahniks who once said, 'When a woman asks me what I think of high-heels, I tell them to try a pair. If they can't see the magic then they should stick to Reeboks.'

Emily Nyasiebi gives a historical account of shoes, women and their postion in society.

Picture: An Andre Perugia heel