Saturday, March 24, 2007

The Hummer and Raila

You have to wonder about the man Raila Odinga, his powerful mouth and the way his finger itches for the self-destruct button.

Raila has been around the world on a number of trips popularising ODM-K ,popularising himself if you asked me. That though is neither here nor there. What has been reported is that apart from addressing Kenyans in the diaspora about his party, the elections and his plan for Kenya, he has been involved in a major fund-raising drive for his campaign. Someone in KANU I hear is pretty miffed that the funds so raised were for Raila Odinga l'homme and not for ODM-K! Kenyan politics one must admit, takes the carrot.

Kamale T, "Raila is prone to making political blunders,but this is one that will follow him for a long while yet."