Tuesday, September 30, 2008

A Road Less Travelled in Tsavo

I first visited Kajire Village early last year when we went to drop our daughter’s nanny home on our way to Tsavo East National Park for the Easter holidays. As we drove along the murram road with a backdrop of the ever green Sagala hills, images from Stanley Gazemba’s novel, “Stone Hills of Maragoli” flooded my mind. I imagined young couples lying on the grass on the slopes smiling at one another as they picked at the long grass shoots. I pictured a young boy rushing the donkey drawn cart filled with jerry cans of water home so he could run off to join his mates on the football field. I imagined a few elderly men sitting on a wooden plank outside the local shop staring at the hills and exchanging the occasional comment about something or another in the village. “This place is beautiful Patricia!”

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