Tuesday, September 30, 2008

imagine diaries

  1. Being Kenyan is cool- Incase you haven't realised, the words Kenya and Kenyan are now household global brands. Since the Obama frenzy started a year ago and with his rising popularity ever since, being Kenyan is becoming quite cool and more people now have an interest with Kenya and anything Kenyan.

  2. Bling bling beggar, et al- We have been rendered helpless to the whines and whims of ambitious beggars. The route I take home everyday is always prone to traffic jams and this has rendered us commuters who make long, winding queues helpless to the whines and whims of beggars and preachers, save for the occasional weekend when we are saved dramatically from such occurrences because the average working Kenyan will be caught dead going to town on a weekend (But then the high-pitched voice from the “makanga” cuts the commuter’s sleep short as he begs loudly for them to board the matatu!)- But I digress…

  3. Painful High School Memories (My True Story)-- Lo Nyambok remembers going to a Kenyan high school.

  4. Religion, the pious worship of God-- "We do ourselves wrong, and too meanly

    estimatethe holiness above us, when we deem

    that any act or enjoyment good in itself, is not

    good to do religiously. "