Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Why Obama must win the nomination

I am not one for hype. I do not even have a Facebook account, so you know how quickly I wrote off Barrack Obama's chances of winning the American Presidency. It did not help either that he was chummy with Kenya's opposition leader Raila Odinga. I was not the only one who'd written him off it seems. Many Kenyans, even we tribal people, who will vote anyone we share the slightest 'blood' bond with, had already given up on him. We were immensely proud, a brave effort, he would make a good showing, but it would be best if he gave up and accepted that America was not ready for a black President. Maybe try for number two while he learned the ropes, made a few friends and got some experience. Over in the United States, the black people came out in large numbers, speaking against him, he was not black enough, his blackness was foreign, Kenyan, not African-American and he knew nothing of the stigma of slavery or of segregation.

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