Monday, May 07, 2007

Men and Housework: Why the Tug- of- War ?

Richard Mbuthia addresses modern day homes, and men and women's traditional responsibilities. Follow this link for more.

Seated on the settee poring over the daily newspaper and occasionally glancing at the wife, working herself to the bone, is the husband. Housework, in all honesty, is believed by most husbands (read men) to be the sole responsibility of women. To many men there is no doubt who should do all the housework, even the daunting chores, come rain come shine – women. Now, what causes most men(husbands) to have an acrimonious attitude when it comes to the issue of helping their wives? I tend to think that African culture has played a major role in inculcating into the minds of men the belief that housework is for women and that they should avoid it like the plague.