Monday, May 07, 2007

Africa: Understanding China's Interest

Ahmed Mohammed seeks to analyze the Chinese economic interest in Africa urging an objective centered on "the attraction of more Chinese direct investment specifically in infrastructure and services". Follow this link for more on this.

The Chinese President and Communist Party chief Hu Jintao's interest in Africa and the rest of Asia is similarly based on two important factors, namely trade and material resources. While Emperor Zhu Di demanded tributes and fancied giraffes and other exotic animals for his personal zoo, Jintao is principally focused on markets and fossil fuel amongst other natural
resources for his massive industrial appetite. But President Jintao's hospitality for dignitaries is not any different from that Emperor Zhu. Small talk from some of the dignitaries who have had the chance to enjoy Chinese hospitality give glimpse of the unreserved and tantalizingly luxurious receptions accorded them. Is such indulgence aimed at creating a reckless exuberance on the part of the African for Chinese benefit?