Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Why I Will Not Vote for Kibaki

Later this year, the President will for one of the few times in his tenure as head of state consider the instruction of our constitution. He will dissolve parliament and call an election. In response, under the fierce December sun, Kenyans will go into a frenzied dance and infused with a sense of mission, political debate in the country will take on an even higher pitch as rival camps debate how best to steer this 'great' nation into the First World. The ritual and the circus surrounding it will be brought to a flourish in the marking of small pieces of paper in an arcane ritual that lends us an illusory sense of empowerment. Later still we will be treated to a flourish of a finish with the announcement of a winner, who if opinion polls are anything to go by, should be Emilio Mwai Kibaki.

Stephen Wanyama, " To give an incumbent credit for reforms and improvements he was only completing or for the outcomes of policies that precede him is perhaps the practice throughout the world of voting nations. In our particular case, it is also incredibly irresponsible, for it forgives and blesses the lackadaisical manner in which the country has been run since 2002."

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