Thursday, April 19, 2007

Soothing the Creases of Loneliness

"Somebody" remarked to me last month that we, modern people, throw sex around too much. However grammatically incorrect this ‘terminological inexactitude' is; the truth behind it was undeniable. It is no thing at all for two people to meet, in a club, at the zoo, or while snorkeling, and end up boot-knocking, bed-rocking, waxing it and rubbing down in less than half an hour.

In fact it's probably more of a surprise to hear that a couple has been dating 3 months and have not in fact done the dirty deed.

Read more as Chiedza Mangiza discusses, " Whichever way it goes, for men and women, sex can cause a false sense of intimacy. And that's the real danger of easy sex (plus all those nasty VDs)."