Sunday, April 22, 2007

The Evil Servant

Every Kenyan home with a little bit of money to spare will have at least one house-servant. They are not as a profession, the most respected Kenyans.

"Mum!!! You need to get rid of Sam! He burnt my new top again!!!"

"Stop it Angie, you should learn to get along with Sam..." "But mum..." "Not another word Angie..."

Angie does not hate her house help, she detests him. For all she knows he is the cause of all the problems in her home. Four years after his employment Sam has gone from the deferential, ‘yes, madam' or ‘yes, sir' to a series of ‘waits! ‘not nows!' ‘noes' or sometimes even no answer at all and all this is to his employer Angie's mother. Still he would not utter a defiant word or dither for a second with her father for fathers will not abide such nonsense from anyone.

Charity Kivuli on house servants who turn family members against each other. "Most of the trouble is little issues discussed at home, blurted out to the public and blamed on Angie."