Friday, April 20, 2007

Abortion and morality

I always thought I was pretty certain about my views on politics. In the modern world, I find I am firmly with the European left.

I am green, anti-gun, pro- gay rights, anti-war, pro-free trade, anti-racism, anti- capital punishment, pro-Palestinian, anti-nationalism, anti-fiat money, anti-privatisation, anti- fascism -civilised in a word. Every position discursive and not intuitive, my escutcheon unblotched by superstition. I bore all those badges you could proudly wear to a good university on the European mainland, maybe even on Albion but more and more certainly not in the USA. I needed to be persuaded by reason and history, not by the threat of displeasing the sky-god or a fiery hell or sleeping ancestors.

John Ogot on why his stance on abortion has changed. Read more on his interesting journey here.