Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Women, merit and public office in Kenya

Photo: Feminist (n): powerful, compassionate, balance woman
Some time in the past few weeks, President Kibaki appointed Prof Ndung'u as Governor of the Central Bank of Kenya replacing Jacinta Mwatela who had been serving in an acting role.

I have watched silently as this controversial decision was analysed, based either on a pro, anti-government dichotomy or louder still seen as part of an insidious plot hatched to gather the Agikuyu community and cronies of the President to all the powerful positions of government.

I have a wholly different take on the matter, one I feel particularly compelled to speak out on as a woman. Now, it is expected more and more every day that the educated African woman be an iconoclast, loudly crashing through the barriers that her paternalistic society places in her way, and causing trouble even where there should not be any. Such a woman is seen as an agitator against a peaceful and coherent society and an importer of dangerous foreign values.

Angela Wairimu on affirmative action in public office in Kenya.