Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Undecided voter; war on corruption

I have been keenly following the candidates for the 2008 Presidential election, trying to find one who is the most outspoken and sincere about fighting corruption.

I am looking for a candidate with a genuine track record of fighting against corruption, whether or not they were successful.

The chain reaction effect of corruption starts at the highest level of government, and then trickles down to the local public service providers. The most fundamental result of corruption is poverty. Another word for poverty is "shortage". In my case it is the Shortage of Government support - evident in the deteriorating healthcare facilities, transportation network, lack of observance of justice to the poor... and the list goes on. My heart bleeds at the knowledge of our poverty stricken brothers and sisters back in Kenya, who toil from dawn to dusk trying to earn a sufficient living to provide food and shelter for their families. While this is happening a few select individuals are sitting on billions of shillings that were/are diverted from reaching rural development projects which were meant to alleviate the suffering of those who are struggling to get the most basic needs.

Andrew Bomett seeks answers from our presidential candidates. None, so far, has a combative strategy in eradicating corruption which Bomett feels is one of the biggest issues facing development in Kenya.