Friday, March 30, 2007

Why rush the East African political federation?

Are we ready for political federation with the nations and the people of East Africa?

You now read that the EAC is designing an East African flag and anthem. Are these little issues important in the grand scheme of things? Had we not better first concentrate on improving the governance structures and service delivery mechanisms within our individual component states first before attempting an experiment of this magnitude? The little we have going in the Customs Union is not by itself streamlined, and neither is the manner of our treatment of our Rwandese, Burundian, Tanzanian and Ugandan brothers consistent with what would be expected from nations on the track to political federation.

Have we realy resolved any of the grievances that led to the dissolution of the first such experiment? We are including the Rwandese and the Burundians too, how far will the borders go, and what criterion if any are we basing accession on. Finally, given that our leaders have not worked anywhere to popularise a move into political federation, is there any chance that we will be convinced when even they do not seem to be?

What do you think?