Friday, March 02, 2007


National Schools cheat parents, students
by Annette Keino
When she scored the first place in Coast Province in her KCPE in 2002, Khadija Abdullah was elated to receive a letter of acceptance to Alliance Girls' High School.

For her like for many students her age, entrance to a national school, and especially to the oldest most prestigious ones like the Alliance Schools, Mangu, Starehe is a life's dream. This dream motivates a the ruthless competition to come out on top not just in one's sown local chool, but also in the municipality and province. It is especially difficult for students from municipalities from which a school like Alliance may admit just one girl. So Khadija set off for Alliance where Charity Ngilu, Margaret Kenyatta, Effie Owuor had started their steps to success.

Read Ms. Keino's argument on why National Schools in Kenya ought to perform better at National Exams, and the discussion that follows.