Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Brain Dump

Written by Ombuya E. Okong'o

More than four decades after "independence," Africans continue to suffer from a feeling of inferiority to the race that colonized us. To get an idea of how, look at brain dump, the phenomenon which occurs when expatriates are sent to Africa from the West,taxi drivers or plumbers masquerading as experts in some field.

Their brains are useless at home, but because they are white they get jobs abroad. A friend of mine, a distinguished professor at the University of Nairobi, told me a story of one such moron hired by the Kenyan government to oversee road construction in Nyanza. When local engineers told him that his design of a bridge to be built in a flood-ridden lake basin was flawed, he disputed them.They built the bridge to the Mzungu's specifications. Need I tell you what happened? Okay: the bridge floated on the raging waters of the floods like a piece of dry bark.

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