Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Reading List | Single Mothers, Women in Technology, Pro-Choice and Rev Njoya

Here's today's reading list. J.K. Rowling writes on her life as a single mother in the UK, even after making tons of money from the Harry Potter series. Find out how this is relevant to Kenya.

The New York Times ran a revealing profile on women in Silicon Valley. We attempt to compare this to Kenya with research and articles on Kenyan women.

Rev Njoya calls out Kenya's clergy and scholars. We are not asking that you vote for the referendum as Njoya suggests, but we ask that you listen to what he has to say. Too many times we follow religious leaders blindly, and fail to think critically.

Hate speech is making its way from the Kenyan blogosphere into emails and text messages. What is the government's responsibility? Following Dec 2007 and the post election violence, how does the government regulate mediums of information without using executive arbitrary powers? Through the courts?