Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Kadhi courts and the Kenyan constitution: a heathen's perspective

Ombuya E. Okongo speaks out against Kenyan churches, and Christians in general; and the hypocrisy of it all.
The new constitution stipulates that Islamic Kadhi Courts shall be retained. Some of the e-mails and articles I have seen from the Christians opposing Kadhi Courts are alarming, to say the least. They are incitements -- with propaganda so vile I will not accord them the dignity of mentioning them here. But what they all state explicitly is that there is a conspiracy by Muslims to use Kadhi Courts to turn Kenya into an Islamic state.

Did you hear that, ladies and gentlemen? The good Christians want you to believe that they have done nothing to impose their beliefs on other Kenyans, when in fact Kenya's socio-political system is dominated by Christianity. Don't we use the bible in oaths? How many government functions have you attended without hearing a word of prayer? And don't even get me started with Christian Religious Education (C.R.E) and the forced church services we endured in public schools.