Tuesday, April 20, 2010

A conveniently defective draft, experts' mistakes and the usual ironies of Keny

Yes, we are heavy on the constitution. That we must. After all, it is an historic moment in Kenya, not since the Lancaster House has the constitution been so close to passing (matter of fact, in the next couple of days we'll try and figure out why with all the similarities to the Wako/Kilifi draft) this one has taken a hold.

Our lawyer friend, Eric Ng'eno returns to our pages. His talking points:

First, is that a new constitution is a non-negotiable imperative for the people of Kenya at this time, and so much so, that failure to deliver one before the next Election will be deemed a singular failure of all leadership, and a massive stain on careers and legacies. No one wishes to countenance a failure to deliver. It is as unconscionable as it is disastrous.

Secondly, that the Draft Constitution shortly to be published by the Attorney-General has quite a number of 'positive aspects' that commend it to our favourable civic treatment at the ballot come the referendum.

Thirdly, that the same draft also has certain imperfections, or defects if you will, that needs must be amended.