Friday, March 05, 2010

Review: Say You Are on of Them

I saw this review on Mashada blogs, and was compelled to republish it. I have read a few horrid reviews about the book, but mostly good ones. Dorcas found Akpan's anthology powerful. She says:
I was enslaved to Akpan’s expertise in building unforgettable characters. No sooner had I put the book down in emotional exhaustion than I realized that his characters have etched themselves onto my mind and were present in every waking thought. I picked it up again in a love-hate relationship that only comes with special books. These juvenile survivors became part of me. I found myself willing them to run faster to escape death. I shrunk deeper into my pillows as an arm reached to grab them. I held my breath and clamped my lips, sending them the willpower to remain quiet as the enemy prowled. I closed my eyes to protect these children from what they were about to witness. I became a silent witness to their afflictions.
Do send in your book reviews. I will accept them gladly.