Monday, August 17, 2009

The Wagalla Massacre: what really happened

The target community were the Degodia but it is believed a number of Somalis of other extraction were caught up in cases of mistaken identity. The operation targeted male members of the clan above 12 years of age but women were raped, houses were burnt and property was looted in every locality where the operation took place. The men rounded up were subjected to torture in an effort to force them to confess to owning a rifle. Some died of their wounds before they reached Wagalla Airstrip. Those who reached the airstrip were sorted into sub-clans and up to 30 members of Jebrail sub-clan were burnt alive in an orgy of unprecedented violence.

Xudayi, who's published a book on the massacre, gives a brief overview of the events. Harrowing reading (and yet another reason Bethwell Kiplagat should be relieved of his TJRC duties).