Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Our Ass and the Mau

There is every reason to conclude that the hyped-up urgency over Mau, the proposal to violate the law and the preferment of singular brutality in eviction has everything to do with the ethnicity of the majority of the title holders in Mau. Whilst the 'clever' formal media commentators and 'wise' analysts gloss over the issue, it may be time to talk to each other sincerely. The Hague, Mau and other controversies stem partly from a widespread feeling that the Kalenjin are unforgiven, that they are guilty of too many unforgivable things, have got away with too much for too long and that no opportunity should be wasted, but instead, must be used to extract retribution, revenge, justice, punishment, closure and settlement, and that forgiveness will only ensue after full vengeance has been exacted and they are suitably contrite, and not in everyone's face as they presently seem to be.

Eric returns; he's his usual forthright self.