Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Demystifying public perceptions on historical injustices around land

Nearly two thirds -- 744 of 1133 -- of recorded deaths came in the Rift Valley, and about a third of those -- 230 of 744 -- were in Eldoret. Opinion regarding land ownership in Eldoret matter. CHRDEM find that:

For example, the land where Langas and Yamumbi estates sit in Eldoret town has been cited as one that President Kenyatta (Deceased) allocated to his Kikuyu tribesmen at the expense of the Kalenjin People. However, reports from the workshops and the available documents show that that farm was bought by 52 Kalenjin men in a Cooperative group which got a loan from Settler Fund Transfer (SFT). They later sub-divided the land into plots and sold them to mainly Kikuyu buyers. Every time there's an election, the Kenyatta regime has constantly been accused of having allocated the land in Langas and Yamumbi to his kinsmen.

An interesting report from CHRDEM, challenging, as it does, assumptions regarding the land issue in the Rift Valley.