Monday, February 02, 2009

Straight to the point

Ideally, we should be halfway towards redemption. Raila was largely seen, even by his enemies, as a reform-committed, energetic, straight-shooting, sincere politician. As a result, most people decided that he was what he said he was - the bridge between our nasty past and a just and prosperous Kenya. So we took him at face value and mounted him, posthaste, upon a high pedestal.

But our elevation was cut short, so he got halfway up the pedestal, there to hang inelegantly in the spirit of 'nusu mkate'. And he seems vertiginious all the time, as though our expectations of him are extremely and unreasonably onerous. He is falling back more and more on the 'nusu mkate' argument than he is on his avowed commitment to ' transformation' and so forth.

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