Wednesday, January 14, 2009

How to Parlay a Bit of Luck into a Life Changing Experience

A missive written in officious standard three English - big un-joined letters but perfectly legible - arrived last week from a Michael Oduor announcing that he had found my husband's driving license and that if 'Sir' contacted his brother on  the undersigned number, arrangements could be made to return the same. 

Although government offices generally practice admirable utumishi for all these days, the all are usually far too many and the queues in the necessary offices and at various desks can be seriously off-putting. In short, we were mighty relieved to hear of the potential shortcut represented by Mr. Oduor.  200/ bob, I thought, thank you very much and the paperwork, given our very-active traffic cops, is safely back where it's sure to be needed soon.

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