Thursday, January 15, 2009

Are we all Potential Racists?

I am going to start with a very politically incorrect question but I will not pressure you for an answer; Are we all potential racists, are we genetically moulded to be drawn towards our kind, to feel protective over those who look or appear to be like us? Here is an anecdote from many years ago; my darling mom and I were totally obsessed with WWF wrestling. Fond memories! We would sit and watch and cheer or heckle loudly and may I take this opportunity to apologise to the neighbours we disturbed! I loved one Brett Hart, so much so I was convinced he would one day marry me! Swords between me and mom were usually drawn when Brett was fighting a Black man, because then, my mom would shamelessly automatically change sides and supporting the Black man. I would demand to know why she was changing allegiance and she would answer “he is Black”.