Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Sticks and Stones, words do hurt us

Just got this from Juan Cole’s blog. Well, US security people say that when Sarah Palin went on the attack against Obama, particularly when she suggested he had been ‘palling around with terrorists’, the effect on some of her constituency was to suggest that he(Obama) posed such a great threat to the USA, that he deserved to be killed, hence an upswing in assassination plots.

It is sad that Waki did not think the three year campaign of hate from Raila and the ODM chiefs against the Gikuyu was at all significant, or that it served to whip up passions to such a level that friends saw no evil in hacking their neighbours.When you see people in prominent positions calling for a Lesotho, when you see Ngilu, Orengo and the thug himself frothing against the privilege of the Gikuyu, or telling the people that Kibaki will hand over to Uhuru and the Gikuyu will rule for ever, then you know a storm is coming.