Saturday, August 23, 2008

imagine diaries

This week on kenyaImagine blogs
  • Doomsday prophecy or prediction? (Georgian guide stones)
    I was on my usual quest to find something, anything that satisfies my constant thirst and curiosity for knowledge. I had studied Statistics for hours and needed a break... thats how I came across this information about the Georgia Guide Stones.
  • Olympics: nation switchers
    It looks like it's not only Kenyans switching teams for better pasture. For Kenyans, it has mostly been for monetary compensation.
  • Nigerian man to kick "82 of his women" out in the cold
    I was amused the other day when I heard the story of an 84 year old Nigerian man who has 86 women for wives. This is just a staggering number! Wait, that's not all. The story went on to say that he has at least 170 children!!