Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Violence in Kenyan High Schools | What is going on?

It has been about six months since Kenya's infamous surge of violence that left hundreds of Kenyans dead, and thousands without homes. Now, we watch as young high school boys burn down their facilities in an attempt to get their way. Is this the new culture? Are we teaching our youth that the only way to negotiate is through violence?

Join in on the discussion with some of kenyaImagine writers as they address this crisis:

  • Kamale T discusses his experience as a high school student at the Starehe Boys' Center here.
  • Capt Collins Wanderi is an educator. Here, he addresses poor parenting and policies within the education as factors that are to blame for the current crisis in Kenyan high schools.
  • In the cane and our culture of violence, Barasa Simiyu proposes that perhaps it is not such a surprise that our children have grown into such violent young adults.