Sunday, July 20, 2008

imagine diaries| Mon July 21st, 2008

Hope you'all had a fun weekend! Here is some interesting blog posts to make for an interesting Monday :) To read all of them, click here. Sign up if you want to see your blog here.

For summaries and direct links to each post, read below:
  1. Amina on Why does Obama hate my family? She reacts to a commentary by Ken Gray who criticizes Obama for making sweeping negative statements about black men in America.
  2. In my own eyes-- Msazi describes a peaceful evening with her brother and her partner.
  3. Enigmaress blogs on life: If , You have to hope, even hope is a lie, A new earth: awakening to your life's purpose, don't ask life, "why me?" instead say, "try me ," and if it bleeds, it leads.
  4. Johari on random idle chatter blogs about a music video she shares while chatting with a friend online.
  5. Amina in her post: on hair extensions and why you should reconsider that weave discovers that human hair extensions are not exactly the best thing for one to put on one's head.
  6. George Nyongesa from Bunge la Wananchi shares his experience (with images) with the Kenya Police at the Jevanjee Gardens: Police Terror on Bunge La Wananchi.
  7. Ritch wonders whether the recent Kenyan high school fires are accidents, or arson.
  8. George Nyongesa draws a parallel between high food prices and corruption in Kenya.