Friday, June 27, 2008

This week's imagine diaries

  1. It's Vogue to Be Black-- Amina on Vogue's Black issue-- on newsstands this week.
    It is certainly a departure from the usual white models (who all look alike if
    you ask me). However, as we know fashion is cyclic and these women will soon not
    be in vogue. Although the fashion industry reflects some on society, we
    cannot rely on it to direct the trends on who is beautiful and who is not. Even
    with white women, models hardly represent true society.
  2. Reapology-- Sembe after killing someone writes the deceased a letter from prison, apologizing.
    I have sat for long hours in this confined facility and reflected on how my actions have landed me in the place of collective solitude. I believe in the rehabilitation process, and it requires me to take responsibilityof my deeds.
  3. Dating Escapade #1-- Johari describes a date that did not go so well.
  4. Mwangi cross-blogs his interview with Mashada founder and Ushahidi co-founder, David Kobia.