Monday, April 07, 2008

Portfolio balance; 21 questions

Many Kenyans did not watch the football this weekend, they were at home waiting on the announcement of the Cabinet results, looking for relief after three months of almost fictional horror. But it was real enough, and as elements of the political class keep reminding us, a sequel is on the cards should their angry spirits not be mollified. The major reason for their grief, are captured in words that have now come into the shrine of our political lexicon for all time, Portfolio Balance. The trouble is, what seems important to some, seems less important to others.
Which ministries do you think are crucial to the running of the state and under whose control do they fall? Is the very idea of a Grand Coalition under such circumstances not anathema to national progress, after all the vigorous arguments betray a desire in the politicians not to serve all Kenyans but to serve specific narrow passions of their own.

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