Monday, February 25, 2008

Spare the rod...

After an active youth filled with ambitions of professional sport and a fast paced career as a medical practitioner my dear mother finally fell prey to her maternal instinct, the downfall of many a woman, and had a beautiful baby girl.

A more honest choice of words would probably be that she got knocked up and ended up with me, but that takes the romance out of a good story doesn't it?Well, what she did get for sure was a bright pink baby with blue lips and a lung or two full of fluid that came out far too early. Well, that and the bold accusation from my chronically misguided father that no gene of his could possibly have produced a child so 'fair-skinned'. An ugly specimen though I might have been, scrawny and bruised from lying too long in the incubator, my mother took me home and resolved to turn me into 'anything' but my fathers daughter. When she eventually returned to the maternity wards to have her second child, she had the whole parenting thing down.

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