Sunday, February 03, 2008

Obama woos 20,000 Minnesotans

The race for the Democratic Party's ticket at the next American presidential elections is assured a place in history. In this normally conservative country, there will for a first time be either a woman or an African-American on the party ticket.

Illinois Senator Barrack Obama is that African-American, and he has taken the country by storm, forming a coalition for change that cuts right across America's social fabric. This weekend, ahead of the Super Tuesday block of caucuses and primaries the Senator was campaigning in Minnesotta where a large community of Kenyans abroad live. He was received with rapturous applause (not in the least by the Kenyan contingent) and with such passionate adulation that it was not always clear who was the spectacle the tall thin man who could soon become the most powerful man in the world or his supporters, crying, cheering and worshipping in his presence.

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