Sunday, February 17, 2008

The Growing Up Diary

I keep a little diary of the things that happen to me. Some are sad, some are quite funny, some just weird and others truly profound and life-changing. This has been my way of keeping record of the process of growing up. I usually sit down at the end of the year and read the journal I keep and choose the things that touched my life most, the things that stood out of all the others and the things that just make me laugh. As I read the old journal and pick up events for my Growing Up Diary, I learn and relearn lessons. I laugh at myself sometimes. I cry for what I hadn't allowed myself to grieve for. I see things in the light of retrospect. And I know that somethings I will never repeat and that I would do other things just the same if I was given a second chance. I know what I would do differently if I was given the chance.

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