Thursday, January 10, 2008

Why hate Kalonzo Musyoka?

Following the President’s appointment of Kalonzo Musyoka as his Vice President, I have come face to face with the frothing, seething hatred for the man in the ODM’s ranks. It is true that the ODM do not need a reason to hate anything and anyone, the mere fact that you are not one of them is enough reason for them to throw insults at you and do their very best to strike in you the liveliest terror. I have read such sentiments in Lucas Mboya's recent comment and have myself suffered these attacks. Perfidy by now, is my nom de plume.

Still, I cannot understand why the ODM hate Kalonzo so much. The ODM's leader in particular seems to harbour a particularly nasty grudge against the Mwingi MP which true to the nature of the party and its hacks in the Kenyan media has in the last week been faithfully relayed to the Kenyan people.

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