Thursday, January 03, 2008

The Way Forward: Suggestions for Political Solutions to Kenya’s Crisis

Kenya is in deep crisis. It is sitting on the precipice of a fully-fledged ethnic-based violent rupture. As death, mayhem, and possible genocide unravel, Kenyan politicians and leaders seem dangerously unwilling or unable to show genuine and effective leadership in ending the ethnic strife pitting their supporters.

In refusing to seek an immediate end to the ethnic strife, perhaps each side hopes to somehow gain the upper hand in the resolution of the post-election crisis. This is both dangerous and unacceptable. It is needlessly stoking tension and violence as innocent Kenyans get killed by overzealous supporters of each camp. Both the Kibaki and Raila camp must act immediately to end the madness. Everything else must come after that.

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Written by:

Prof. James Gathii is the Governor George E. Pataki Professor of International Commercial Law Albany Law SchoolProf.

Dismas A. Masolo is the Justus Bier Professor of Humanities and Distinguished University Scholar and Professor of Philosophy, University of Louisville, Louisville, KentuckyProf.

Joel Ngugi is an Assistant Professor of Law, University of Washington, Seattle

Ms. Atieno Caroline Odhiambo is a Human Rights Lawyer in Seattle

Dr. Kiarie Mwaura is a Visiting Fellow, Human Rights Program at Harvard Law School and Lecturer in Law, Queens University, Belfast, Northern Ireland

Prof. Sylvia Kang’ara is an Assistant Professor of Law, University of Washington, Seattle