Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Non-violence; the Kenyan protest for justice

If you read the newspapers, magazines or anything on the internet, listen to the radio, watch television, or take note of the chatter in the markets, at fireplaces in remote villages across the land, weddings or funerals one thing does come out clearly. Kenyans across the country are horrified by the wave of extremism death and destruction that has visited their country. There is no point in blaming one person, or the last government, or the one before for our present state. The seeds that led to this uproar predate these governments and go back 50, 70 even 100 years. Essentially, the root causes of this violence are not as significant as what this violence points at, the fact that Kenyans finally feel that they have the first roots of what it takes to be a representative democracy- to try their hand at majority rule, not the will of the few.

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