Tuesday, January 22, 2008

John Githongo on the BBC, partisanship in Kenya's civil society

Former anti-corruption czar John Githongo just appeared on a BBC HardTalk special with Stephen Sackur. In the programme, Githongo looked to take a neutral stance on the election imbroglio but came off, perhaps predictably looking more than a little biased. Sackur seemed much more informed and neutral than the exiled Kenyan anti-graft crusader, asking Githongo pointedly whether as has been severally reported -and affirmed by the likes of Jendayi Frazer and Muthoni Wanyeki- there were massive irregularities on both sides. Even as his interlocutor asked Githongo about the violence across the country, Githongo seemed still to pretend that this was about election anger, and that both sides were equally culpable.

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