Monday, December 03, 2007

Security at your fingertips

The modern world is a world of advanced technology. The ubiquity of the worldwide web and the global expansion of broadband connectivity and wireless applications have created a new world, changing forever the way that we work.

Last week, I was as stunned as everyone else to learn of the UK government's recent admission that Her Majesty's Revenues and Customs authority had "misplaced" and perhaps even lost 2 CDs containing the personal and financial details of some 25 million families who were in receipt of Child Benefit. It is said that the person or persons in charge of this operation at the Revenue and Customs had simply burned the information onto the CDs and popped them into the ordinary post to be sent off to another department. Yes, imagine the spectacle; we are treated to these Laurel and Hardy antics at a time of heightened security and in an age where identity theft is one of the fastest growing crimes worldwide.

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